Another successful TMAT in the books. Thanks to everyone for helping and making Ali feel special. Thanks to JessandHeather Herbert for bringing her along. It was a special night. Thanks again.

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And we’re off…


And we’re off. Everyone stop watching March Madness and get down to BEHS to watch some real basketball (for a good cause.)


The Big Prize!


For those who didn’t make it to the TMAT tonight, here’s the surprise I mentioned earlier. It’s a 7 day 6 night condo on Kona, Hawaii. It’s valued at over $3000 and will sell for a fraction of that. If you were thinking about going to Hawaii this summer……. Jets your chance to save lots and lots of money! Come by and check it out.




I’m not going to give away the surprise, but everyone should really come to the tournament this weekend and see what we have at the silent auction. There’s a big item that just got donated and your family will love you forever if you ride away with it..

(What could the big surprise be? Come to the tournament and find out!)

2015 Bracket


The 2015 TMAT will be held on March 20 & 21 in the Big Gym at BEHS! Set up at 4PM.

Games start at 6PM.

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This Year’s Sponsor: Alexandria (Ali) Herbert


11043227_10153054104295399_3561442966091491894_nAlexandria (Ali) Herbert turned   4 years old in October. She is the happiest child you will ever meet! She always has a smile on her face! She is friendly to everyone and is loving even to strangers! She is the type of person who will share her last cookie and give you a hug even if she doesn’t know you. She is such a great example to us. She always tries her hardest and loves with her whole heart. Other people’s feelings mean a lot to her and she is very sensitive. She loves to be silly…her laugh is contagious! Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite food currently is bananas. She loves to do puzzles and crafts and play with her siblings. Her favorite movie differs from time to time, but usually it is Frozen. Her dad would sum Ali up as being a human version of Olaf! She is happy go lucky no matter what she is going through, even through all of this.

Back in February, Ali was diagnosed with a rare form of B-cell lymphocytic leukemia. At the Todd Morrison Alumni Tournament, we are extremely grateful to be able to help out Ali and her family. She has 5 siblings that love her, parents that adore her, and a community that has rallied around her to get her through this time.

Please help us out by sharing this information with those who you know. Come to the tournament and see some good (and some really bad) basketball. We are going to have a silent auction with many great items to buy that will support Ali. If you know a business that would be willing to help sponsor a team, please get a hold of me (801.367.0003 or shawtyl2@isu.edu) and I can get that set up. Do whatever you can and help out the Herbert’s during this difficult time.

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